Improved bending machine productivity –


thanks to automated die positioning from halstrup-walcher

The application – exact, automated die positioning below the punch zoom

Production in the metalworking industry has become increasingly hectic. Contractors and production departments must produce parts in smaller lot sizes and at a faster pace.

TRUMPF is the world‘s leading producer of machine tools for the metalworking industry, and they have responded to the plight of their customers by offering machine design innovations that improve productivity and efficiency. Their TruBend Series 5000 bending machine, for instance, is a press brake that includes an optical positioning aid making it easier to switch to a new part geometry. This machine also includes an automatic angle measurement system that helps operators maintain desired geometries, beginning with the very first part.

Press brakes bend metal by vertically pushing a punch into a v-shaped die. This deforms the sheet metal located between the punch and die, thus creating an angular bend. Taking a piece of sheet metal that has previously been bent to a 30° angle and placing it between two flat punches creates a fold.


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