More flexibility in wiring concepts


Indirect wiring via a hub / gateway reduces cable spaghetti in machines


Designers have to consider a wide range of factors when selecting the most appropriate positioning system for format changeovers – and likewise when identifying the most efficient wiring concept inside the machine.

Indirect wiring with the PSE / PSS / PSW 3 series


There are two ways to connect PSE / PSS / PSW positioning systems to the machine’s central control unit. As well as direct wiring, it is also possible to connect small drives to the central control unit indirectly using a hub / gateway. The 3-series of positioning systems from halstrup-walcher offers machinery developers' complete flexibility – not only can they choose the torque, protection class and bus communication but also the wiring system.

Indirect wiring connects the positioning systems to the central control unit via an industry standard hub and cable. Compared to direct wiring in a series or ring configuration, bundling the cables creates a much tidier machine interior. Each hub / gateway combines a variety of the machine’s components into one unit. Two A- and D-encoded cables or one Y-encoded hybrid cable are connected to the positioning system itself.
Here is a brief description of the two methods:

Single connector solution using a hybrid cable

IIndirect wiring via a hub as a single connector solution using a hybrid cablezoom
IIndirect wiring via a hub as a single connector solution using a hybrid cable

For Ethernet-based buses, the positioning systems are supplied with a connection for Y-encoded connectors (optional). Industry standard hubs and standard cables are used to connect the positioning system to the central control unit. However, the cable must be spliced for the power supply. The positioning system itself is connected to just a single
Your advantage: The solution significantly reduces the work involved in wiring each positioning system in the machine during setup. Moreover, it minimises the potential for errors during wiring.

Wired using standard connections

Indirect wiring of the standard version via a hub                                                                                                                                 zoom
Indirect wiring of the standard version via a hub

The PSE / PSS / PSW 3-series positioning systems can also be connected with the central control unit indirectly via a hub / gateway for Ethernet-based buses (without Sercos). The power supply is provided via an A-encoded cable while a D-encoded cable is connected to a hub / gateway for bus communication. The second standardised connection for transmitting the bus signal (hub function of the positioning system in series/ring configuration) is not used here.