The Halstrup-Walcher Group


Headquartered in Kirchzarten near Freiburg, Germany, the
Halstrup-Walcher Group  consists of the following companies:

  • halstrup-walcher GmbH (HWG®)
  • halstrup-walcher S.r.l. (located in Italy)
  • Walcher Meßtechnik GmbH

All four companies are united by a passion for engineering projects where the customers’ needs are front and centre. Our keen emphasis on quality and lean organization makes our group of companies a highly professional partner.


halstrup-walcher GmbH


halstrup-walcher GmbH develops, produces an distributes products and customer-specific solutions of:

  • Positioning systems for automated format adjustments in mechanical engineering projects
  • Drive solutions centred on spur gearboxes and positioning drives
  • Pressure measurement technology for cleanroom, HVAC and OEM applications
  • Calibration services for the measurement parameter pressure (DAkkS / ISO)
  • Development services for mechanical, electronic and software applications

halstrup-walcher S.r.l.


The Italian market is served by the
halstrup-walcher S.r.l. The team on-site  distributes all products of  halstrup-walcher GmbH.


Walcher Meßtechnik GmbH

Walcher Meßtechnik GmbH Logo

The Walcher Meßtechnik GmbH is
the parent company of the
Halstrup-Walcher Group located in Kirchzarten in Germany.