Lean management at halstrup-walcher

Lean management at halstrup-walcher


In 2009, we introduced a lean management system to reinforce our market position through achieving outstanding punctuality, quality and costs. Methods such as the continuous improvement process, shop floor management, 5S, one piece flow, etc. have been a part of our daily working lives ever since. Here we would like to introduce you to some of the tools we use to create better processes and work flows.

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5S and SMED


Avoiding waste is one of the key tenets of lean management and an area in which every employee can contribute. Everyone feels the benefits of a clean and orderly workplace (5S) and optimisation of setup times (SMED).

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Pull-production and one-piece-flow


Our supposedly utopian goal was to reduce delivery times from an average of 30 working days to 1-2 working days. This is why we build a one piece flow with 100% material availability for defined small-scale series production. The associated principles with this, such as pull manufacturing, kanban systems and paperless production orders, also contribute to reducing throughput times. This is how we are transforming a utopian vision into reality.

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Shop floor management

Shopfloor-Management at halstrup-walcher

Shop floor management plays a key role in lean management at halstrup-walcher. All our employees gather every day for a departmental meeting on the shop floor. Here, they collect and evaluate current and relevant key data regarding quality, deadlines and costs. Current topics are addressed through concise and effective communication.

Measures for eliminating these issues immediately and permanently are discussed and agreed at follow-up meetings in the company. These take into account all the relevant information.

Everyone contributes, no problem is ignored. Solutions to the problems are implemented without delay.


What we mean by quality

Quality management at halstrup-walcher
Environmental management at halstrup-walcher

Continuous improvement

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The value-added team manages all issues relating to continuous improvement and optimum design of the workplace.