Customer-specific solutions for pressure and volume flow measurement technology


halstrup-walcher offers standard instruments for a wide variety of applications as well as customer-specific solutions. For example, our customer-specific instruments can be used in the following applications: regulating pressure in clean room environments, monitoring filters and ventilators in air-conditioning systems, maintaining an overpressure or vacuum in a machine or measuring a volume flow or air consumption.

Kundenspezifische Druck- und Volumenstrom-Messtechnik-Lösungenzoom

For sophisticated measurement tasks, we also offer customer-specific solutions, which we develop and can also manufacture in series. We can adjust all the relevant parameters of our products and developments to your specifications:

  • housing size and form
  • measurement units (differential pressure, absolute pressure, volume flow, temperature)
  • accuracy specifications
    • output signals (analog, digital, bus)
    • supply voltage
    • type of display, LEDs and other signals
    • mechanical modules for integration into your process (mountings, primary elements, etc.)

Pressure measurement technology


Our catalogue of standard products can serve as the basis for your customer-specific solution. Find out more about our instruments and their functions on our product pages.

Display Panels for cleanrooms


Digital manometers

Mobile calibration devices


Volume flow measurement technology


When combined with primary elements, our instruments can also be used to measure volume flow and currents. Find our more about our measurement solutions here:


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