Calibration services


Your experienced partner for DAkkS-accredited and ISO factory calibrations


Since 1999 our calibration laboratory has been accredited by the German calibration service DKD or rather Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 for calibration of pressure measurements. Since 2016 we are also accredited for flow rate calibrations. Its calibration services are available for all makes of equipment independently of the type and manufacturer. Our high precision test objects, used as references during calibration, are calibrated at regular intervals at the PTB and therefore traceable to the national standard.

Our experienced team for DAkkS and ISO calibrationszoom
Our experienced team for DAkkS and ISO calibrations

DAkkS-accredited calibrations


DAkkS-accredited calibration should be performed at measurement points which are critical to the quality of the product or service. It follows a recognised, standardised procedure (e.g. in accordance with DKD-R 6-1) and the uncertainty of the calibration is stated. The DAkkS-accredited certificate is internationally recognised and documents seamless traceability to national standards.


ISO factory calibrations


ISO factory calibration is suitable for instruments used as auxiliary devices for measurement and development purposes, e.g. in management of reference materials in accordance with ISO 9001.
In contrast to the DAkkS-accredited calibration, the ISO factory calibration does not state the measurement uncertainty. ISO factory calibrations are performed in our production laboratory using traceable references.


Pressure calibration (DAkkS and ISO)