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Working out for a good cause

halstrup-walcher has found a new way of motivating its employees to exercise. For every kilometer they go, the company will donate one euro to a charitable cause. Because the goal is a total of 2000 kilometers, the maximum donation has been capped at 2000 euros. In 2015 the “Wurzelhopser”, a Nordic walking group whose name means “root hoppers”, walked 1250 kilometers, while the mountain bike group rode 1190 kilometers. In other words, employees not only met their goals – they exceeded them. The donation was divided equally between two Kirchzarten organizations: 1000 euros went to Ride2live and 1000 euros went to the Kirchzarten Bürgerstiftung (Civic Foundation). Congratulations to all of our employee athletes for their outstanding job!

Scheckübergabe zur Spende an Ride2live und die Bürgerstiftung Kirchzarten


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