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Spur gear up to 8 Nm

BK 80


Kit with wide selection of pre-developed transmission ratios


Low noise plate drive with solid, closed aluminium housing with protection class IP 54

Special features

  • Suitable for the installation of motors of many designs from various manufacturers
  • Maintenance-free due to permanent grease lubrication
  • Wide range of transmission ratios available at short notice
  • Long product life

The low noise BK 80 plate gear has a solid, closed aluminium housing with protection class IP 54. Steel gear wheels and the ball-bearing mounted, case hardened output shaft give the BK 80 a long product life. Due to the extensive standardisation of drives, the BK 80 is suitable for use with all standard AC and DC motors from a broad range of manufacturers. Suitable solutions for specific applications spur gears can be supplied quickly and at low cost due to the wide variety of transmission ratios modules available.

Nominal torque
up to 8 Nm

Maximum radial / axial load
60 N / 40 N

Transmission ratios

from 37.5:1 to 1000:1

Max. diameter of motor shaft

7 mm

Protection class

IP 54

Special output shaft
Special lubrication for extended temperature range
Motor assembly