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Positioning system connecting station



Connecting station for the connection up to 8 drives


Hub for HIPERDRIVE positioning systems HDA 70

Special features

  • PROFIBUS DP, EtherCAT, PROFINET or EtherNet/IP data interface
  • Communication between Hub and HDA 70
  • Robust die-cast zinc housing with IP 65
  • Galvanic separation between control unit and motor
  • Fuses to protect the connected drives

    The HIPERDRIVE Hub is the central connecting station for up to eight HIPERDRIVE units (HDA 70). The bus interface and control module in the hub allows all the connected drives to be activated via just one address. In addition, the HIPERDRIVE Hub distributes the operating voltage for the drives. This means that only one cable (max. length 20m) is now required for connecting a drive rather than the two or three previously needed. Both data and power for the drives are transmitted via the same cable. For the HIPERDRIVE Hub itself, alongside the fieldbus and 24 V motor supply voltage, only a 24 V auxiliary voltage is required for the bus interface and control module.

Power supply
24 VDC ± 15 %

Power consumption (control unit)

300 mA

Data interfaces

Protection class

IP 65