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Spur gear up to 20 Nm

N 100


The Pocket Powerhouse – the compact solution as hard as steel


Plate gear with high motor output torque and low gear backlash, case hardened and plain-bearing mounted output shaft (optionally ball-bearing mounted).

Special features

  • High motor output torque in a compact design
  • Low gear backlash permits high setting precision on the output shaft
  • Suitable for the installation of motors of many designs from various manufacturers
  • Maintenance-free due to permanent grease lubrication
  • Long product life due to the use of metal gear wheels, also hardened
  • Easy to adapt to the application – suitable for individual applicationshohes

The N 100 spur gear is a plate gear with high motor output torque, a compact design and low gear backlash. It can be supplied with a solid aluminium housing (optional). The output shaft is case hardened and plain-bearing mounted. The drive can be supplied with a wide variety of transmission ratios and combined with AC and DC motors from a variety of manufacturers. Notable features of the N 100 include a compact design, long product life and maintenance-free operation.

Nominal torque
up to 20 Nm

Maximum radial / axial load

80 N / 60 N

Transmission ratios
from 25:1 to 3000:1

Protection class
IP 40 (with dust hood)

The N 100 can also be supplied as an actuator with limit switches and cam discs.