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Volume flow rate primary element

(Two) pitot probes / X-grid

The optimal solution for air volume flow measurements along with the appropriate differential pressure transmitter


Volume flow rate primary element with high accuracy for flow and volume flow measurement in (ventilation) ducts

Special features

  • Suitable for round, oval, square or rectangular ducts (installation in pairs)
  • Set with 2 probes, attachment and connection accessories
  • Various lengths available – depending on the cross-section of the duct
  • With multiple measuring points, they also average the flow measurement well with asymmetrical flow distributions

Length of probes
100/150/200/300/400/500 mm

High accuracy

Measuring points
Multiple measuring points

Can be installed parallel or turned through 90° (”X-grid”)

Operation temperature
up to 80° C (Higher temperatures on request)

Stainless steel 1.4541