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ST 120 KG


The Sealed Unit – Integrated system in a plastic housing 


Integrated unit comprising gearbox, limit switches for limiting the rotation angle and position report via potentiometer in a housing with protection class IP 55

Special features

  • Low gear backlash permits high setting precision on the output shaf
  • Maintenance-free due to permanent grease lubrication
  • Long product life due to the use of metal gear wheels (also hardened)
  • Easy to adapt to the application – suitable for individual application
  • No wiring required for the various components

The ST 120 KG actuator is a complete motor-gearbox unit with integrated limit switches, which limit the rotation angle and can be set via cam discs. The position report is absolute and is performed via a potentiometer. The plastic housing is made of ABS and makes the unit suitable for use even in damp environments. The output shaft can also be supplied in stainless steel (option). The force is transferred via three mounting holes, which act directly on the metal gearbox. The plastic housing is not subject to any load. 

Nominal torque
up to 10 Nm

Maximum radial / axial load

30 N / 20 N

Transmission ratios

from 75:1 to 1500:1

Protection class

IP 55