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A turn for the better

The range of applications for our spur gearboxes
and linear drives are as varied as our customers:
from automatic flap adjustment to positioning drives
for maritime applications, from the regulation of water
circuits to worm gear drives for pellet-fired stoves and
furnaces. We keep your processes on the move.



  • ST 120 KG

    • Motor and gearbox unit with limit switches for limitation of the rotation angle
    • Absolute position report via potentiometer
    • Housing with protection class IP 55
    • Optional ball-bearing mounting for the output shaft to support high axial forces

    Special features

    Norminal torque

    up to 10 Nm


    100 x 120 x 80 mm

    Protection class

    IP 55

    Max. radial load

    30 N

    Max. axial load

    20 N

    Product details