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Accurate measurement of energy flows and consumption in air-conditioning and process air systems – with the new Luftmeister


Luftmeister® from halstrup-walcher provides the missing link at the interface between energy management, air-conditioning technology and facility management: the world‘s first air meter and air energy meter (presently in preperation for 2016) records air consumption and energy flows within air-conditioning and process air systems based on high-precision mass flow and enthalpy sensors. The new instrument is factory-calibrated and thus offers maximum accuracy.
Luftmeister® provides a number of advantages depending on the application:

Take control of energy management, in the field of air-conditioning – with Luftmeister
Take control of energy management, in the field of air-conditioning – with Luftmeister

1. Accurate, continuous flow measurement (in total and locally)


Luftmeister® provides continuous flow through data based on accurate mass and volume flow measurements at all measurement points. This allows the operator to perform the following operations at any time:

  • Record, display, check and optimise air exchange or air supply in the individual zones of the system
  • Prevent insufficient air supply or wastage of air supply in every zone

2. Distribution of costs based on consumption


Luftmeister® allows operators to calculate a precise total for air consumed (in m³ or kg) as well as the delivered useable energy per zone (in kWh). Energy input (e.g. heating) and output (e.g. cooling) are recorded separately. The result is that the person / company responsible for each zone can be billed for a fair share of the costs based on actual consumption.

Distribution of costs based on consumption

Studies into the consumption of a wide range of media have clearly demonstrated that such measures can stimulate changes in behaviour, which result in savings of 10-30 %. As these consumption values can be officially calibrated and verified if necessary (commercial real estate, air contracting), the costs also have a clear and legally secure basis.

3. Record and optimise air-energy flows


Luftmeister® enables operators to record the transportation of energy in air ducts. So instead of just looking at the input energy of an air-conditioning system,they can analyse the complete energy contribution:

Record and optimise air-energy flows
  • How much energy is flowing into each zone of use?
  • What is the energy contribution of the individual zone of use to heat recovery?
  • What is the real-world figure for heat recovery or moisture recovery (not just under laboratory conditions)?
  • How efficient is the air-conditioning system (as a whole or even viewed separately for the areas of heating, cooling etc.)?

This data provides a base (available via Impulse, BACnet, Modbus or M-Bus) that effectively opens up an enormous range of possibilities for optimising the system. At long last, energy management can now be applied to air-conditioning and process air. As well as reducing operating costs, it is also possible to register the savings achieved. Precisely and transparently.


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