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At halstrup-walcher, we believe it is important that our drive solution offers the optimum answer to your needs. Sometimes, we find that we have an “off-the-peg“ spur gearbox that fits the job perfectly. Usually, however, there are a wide range of requirements that demand careful consideration. And we can almost always assist you in minimising the time and expense of integrating the mechanical and electrical aspects of these solutions. You will receive a complete solution from a single supplier instead of a multiple component solution that you then have to integrate yourself – a time-consuming job. The following diagram shows the major components we can combine into an optimized solution for you.

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Here is a list of sample applications. Are you looking for a solution for a similar application? Or do you have different requirements? Talk to us – we will be happy to advise you.

Turning venetian blinds

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Working in direct sunlight can be uncomfortable and interferes with everyday office life. Full-length venetian blinds are a convenient way to provide relief and shade. The SLA1.5 ensures that the slats of venetian blinds are adjusted to the correct angle every hour of the day.


Auxiliary drive for logistics system

Auxiliary drive for logistics systemzoom

Moving logistics boxes

At -30°C, these boxes are stored and retrieved using fully automated processes. A conveyor carriage is dispatched to the specified storage bay where it extends its side arms under the box. Four N40x50P units turn a finger under each corner – and the box and carriage glide away smoothly to their destination.


Brush rotation drive

Brush rotation drivezoom

Rotation drive in textile machines

Carding is a process that aligns cotton fibres to produce loose textile fibres (fleece). Brushes at the sides remove clumps and aggregations of material. The compact N64V30KG drive performs this task efficiently and is resistant to the microscopic dust particles generated in the immediate environment by the process.


Positioning furnace air intake flaps

Positioning furnace air intake flapszoom

Positioning drive for air intake flaps in furnaces

The N64V30IF positioning drive is exceptionally quiet and was developed for positioning furnace air intake flaps. In order to ensure that fuel is burned with maximum efficiency, a precisely defined volume of air is allowed to enter during each phase of combustion. The absolute position is measured using a potentiometer. Communication is via an RS485 interface. The drive must comply with the highest standards of safety and reliability as incorrect functioning can result in deflagration.


Spur gear for positioning of turnstiles

Spur gear for positioning of turnstileszoom

Positioning turnstiles

Entrance facilities designed to control flows of people in public areas frequently use turnstiles. The halstrup-walcher N72K allows the turnstile to rotate through an angle of 120°. The angle of rotation is released or blocked by mechanical stops. The turnstiles are activated using ticket readers that authorise ticket holders to enter. The N72K runs quietly and is notable for its powerful drive and rugged design.


Ball control valve

Ball control valvezoom

Positioning of valves or pumps

Ball valves for use with water must be positioned reliably. In the same way, with membrane pumps it is necessary to adjust the flow rate. The N100P offers a powerful and robust solution to these tasks.


Screw conveyor for solid fuel pellets

Screw conveyor for solid fuel pelletszoom

A powerful motor/gearbox drive unit propels a screw conveyor, moving pellets from a reserve tank into the combustion chamber of a pellet furnace. The speed (rpm), and therefore the quantity of fuel being delivered to the furnace, can be regulated according to the heat output required so the room temperature can be controlled flexibly and evenly. The halstrup-walcher N100W motor/gearbox unit runs exceptionally quietly and is notable for its compact, powerful design.


Drive for flap valve

Drive for flap valvezoom

Positioning of industrial valves

The halstrup-walcher GT50 is primarily used for controlling flap valves in industrial heating applications for making steel, ceramics and building materials. By ensuring the optimum mixture of gas and air, it is possible to achieve an even temperature distribution in the oven atmosphere. The GT50 is a compact drive with a flat build and offers a wide range of torques and positioning velocities.


Small drive for slim construction designs

Small drive for slim construction designszoom

Positioning of smoke extraction dampers and windows

Smoke and fumes produced during building fires pose a hazard to people and damage property. Lawmakers therefore require the installation of reliable smoke extraction equipment. The N30x120 is exceptionally quiet and used to adjust the position of smoke extraction dampers and windows. The compact drive is reliable and complies with the highest safety standards. For example, the integrated brake guarantees a high self-holding torque.


Precision drive with fine manual adjustment

Precision drive with fine manual adjustmentzoom

Positioning colour zones in printing machines

The N22x65 drive adjusts the positions of the metal tongues attached to the printing rollers. A special fine manual adjustment feature is also provided. The distance between the metal tongues and the printing roller controls the quantity of ink applied. The N22x65 is reliable and notable for its compact size and long service life – an important factor in reducing service intervals and costs.


Revolving cup dispensers in beverage vending machines

Revolving cup dispensers in beverage vending machineszoom

Automated cup supply

Revolving cup dispensers are frequently used in automated beverage vending machines to provide a compact and trouble-free supply of cups. The BK80 offers persuasive performance in this application with a compact, rugged design, and long service life.


Positioning of covers in textile machines

Positioning in textile machineszoom

Carding is a stage in the process of spinning yarns (or manufacturing fleeces). The fibres are thoroughly cleaned and then processed to form a web on drums fitted with sets of teeth. The teeth and flexible hooks on these drums face in different directions and straighten the textile fibres so they run in parallel. The resulting web is then wound into card sliver, which is finally spun into yarn after stretching. The distance between the cover of the carding machine on which the sets of teeth are mounted and the cotton fibres determines the quality of the fleece material produced. The robust and powerful TR130i drive provides highly reliable adjustment of this distance.


Easy-to-operate flue gas flap

Flue gas flapzoom

During combustion, the flue gas damper is open so that the flue gas can escape via the chimney. Once combustion is complete, the flue gas damper closes again to ensure that no heat energy escapes into the environment via the exhaust duct. The drive of the complete module is powerful, reliable and suitable for all safety-relevant applications.

The use of plastic and brass gear wheels together with a plastic housing ensures low noise emissions and excellent value for money. If required, we can also deliver the neighbouring module, e.g. the appropriate metal flaps.


Positioning drive for diesel drive engines

Linear Drive in metal housingzoom

Located directly adjacent to the ship‘s diesel engine or to its reversing gear, the SP72 spindle drive offers infinitely variable control of the setting range and stroke. It replaces mechanical rope, chain or cable pulleys from the ship‘s rudder to the engine. Electrical cables run from one or more navigating bridges to the SP72 spindle drive. The actuator provides infinite adjustment of the speed of the ship‘s diesel engine. The SP72 is approved by German Lloyd, certified resistant to seawater (protection class IP65) and consequently already used as standard in many ship systems.


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