Experts in DAkkS calibration – for 20 years

August 26, 2019

Already in 1999, Germany’s national metrology institute (DAkkS) accredited halstrup-walcher’s calibration laboratory for pressure measurements. The calibration service perfectly complements the portfolio of devices manufactured by the measurement technology specialists. halstrup-walcher is renowned for its reliable, high precision pressure transmitters which are used in cleanroom, air-conditioning and OEM applications.

Quality requires calibration

Calibration ensures that the values obtained by a measuring device are correct. It is performed by comparing the actual readings of the device with target readings from a traceable reference unit. Measuring devices require regular calibration to guarantee accurate, reproducible results. Regular calibration of measuring devices used in manufacturing processes helps to prevent defective products and processes occurring from the outset. It is also key to maintaining high quality standards.

The DAkkS calibration certificate is internationally recognised since DAkkS calibration is performed according to prescribed standards. The reference units used in DAkkS calibration can be traced back directly to the national standard. The process documents and takes account of all parameters that influence the measurement results, such as room temperature. If it detects any deviation from the target value, halstrup-walcher’s service team also offers an adjustment service for devices.

Flexible, fast and accurate

With an extensive range of products and services, as well 20 years of experience with DAkkS certificates, halstrup-walcher can calibrate devices according to customer requirements. As all halstrup-walcher services are performed in-house, the device is ready for use again within just a few days. halstrup-walcher offers calibration for all measuring devices that use air as their medium – independently of the model and manufacturer – even in the finest measuring ranges from -50 to 50 Pascal.

Modern volume flow measurement facility for calibration of flow meters

Manufacturers and users of primary elements, volume flow meters or fans also have to ensure the reliability of their devices. Critical issues such as safety, health, environmental protection and product quality often depend on them. As a result, flow meters also require regular calibration. Since 2016, halstrup-walcher has also been operating its own, DAkkS-accredited performance testing facility for flow calibrations with air.

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