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Specialist for measurement technology and drive technology


halstrup-walcher GmbH is a successful company in four areas: we develop and manufacture positioning systems for mechanical engineering applications, pressure measurement technology for building technology, cleanrooms and OEM, spur gearboxes and actuators for OEM customers as well as development and calibration services.

We offer both standardised products and customised solutions and services for mechatronics, electronics and software. With our own development department (electronics / construction) and a remarkable depth of production expertise, we are able to manufacture a wide range of variants for our customers. A strong quality assurance programme and lean processes have made us a highly professional partner with impressive performance in quality, costs and punctuality.

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Pressure measurement technology

Measurement technology from halstrup-walcher

You need to control the pressure in your cleanroom to keep contaminated air from entering. You need a display panel that shows you relevant physical/chemical parameters at a glance. You need to monitor an HVAC air filter or fan. Or you need to maintain overpressure or vacuum in one of your machines.

halstrup-walcher offers both standard and customer-specific solutions for performing high precision measurements.


Positioning systems

Positioning systems from halstrup-walcher

As a manufacturer of machine tools, your customers expect you to supply highly flexible solutions with minimal retooling times. Format changes should be performed automatically, with highest precision and as quickly as possible.
And you want to be able to offer your customer optimum availability of the machine – supported by condition monitoring for the components.

halstrup-walcher supplies positioning systems with the wide range of forms, features and bus systems.


Spur gearboxes and actuators

Drive technology from halstrup-walcher

You need to make parts move, linear or rotary. Optimised for the existing construction space and with a sharp eye on the costs. With a constantly high level of precision. With or without housing. As a motor/gearbox combination. Regulated or with a control system. With analog or digital communication.

halstrup-walcher offers solutions covering every aspect of spur gearboxes and actuators. We develop mechanical designs, electronics and all the relevant stages of the manufacturing process in-house.



Services from halstrup-walcher

You have an application in drive technology, mechatronics or sensor systems, but can’t find a suitable product.

halstrup-walcher develops and designs the solution you need. Even in small batch numbers.


You need DAkkS-accredited or ISO factory calibration for your measuring devices so that you can be sure they are reliable.

halstrup-walcher runs a DAkkS-accredited laboratory for calibrations for the variables pressure.